Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sutarfeni, the princess among sweets.

It begins with a simple list of ingredients: refined flour, pure ghee, and sugar. It ends in a subtle, fragrant and delicate sweet called Sutarfeni.
 MM Mithaiwala's Sutarfeni has been a favorite with several Mumbaikar's who have had the pleasure of walking into MM Mithaiwala's superstore opposite the Malad railway station of Mumbai. 
Sold for Rs 500, 320 & 620, MM Mithaiwala's Sutarfeni is known for its traditional taste, and purity. It is also considered an excellent gift as it has a long shelf life. 

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  1. Yummy..Yummy.. but now a days dunkin donuts are more preffered rather than sweets. it contain low calories and taste is also good. so people will follow donuts trend in few days, as it is more classy. so would like to read more about donuts so that we can get your views and knowledge as well.