Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mathura Peda - The taste of Lord Krishna's city

MM Mithaiwala's Mathura Pedas take their name from Lord Krishna's city, Mathura.
Known for their unique taste, texture and fragrance, Mathura Pedas are popular with people of all ages. 
Made from mawa (khoya), milk, sugar, pistachios and saffron and coated with powdered sugar, Mathura Pedas melt in the mouth like a dream.
MM Mithaiwala's Mathura Pedas are made by traditional halwais (chefs) who make it according to recipes handed down from several generations.
MM Mithaiwala's Mathura pedas can transport you to the city of Lord Krishna with a single bite.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016


A flat dish-shaped delicacy with rounded margins remains crispy n crunchy on the 
exterior. It’s Ghevar that boasts of large fan following in India. Soaked in sugary syrup, the 
dessert takes saffron hue due to Zafraan, also known as kesar, and is a rage mostly in 
northern India. Considered as a queen of sweets in Rajasthan, Ghevar is prepared from 
gram flour batter – deep fried in pure desi ghee at iconic MM Mithaiwala’s kitchen.

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