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Khasta Kachori - M M Mithaiwala

Khasta Kachori - M M Mithaiwala 

Khasta” means crisp and flaky  & “Kachori” is an Rajasthani Indian snack !

What's better than Kachori on any cozy, lazy, rainy afternoon?

Ingredients :-
For the Dough:

  • 1/2 cup wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup maida
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • chilled water to bind the dough

For the Filling

  • 1/2 cup readymade Moong Dal Namkeen
  • 1 teaspoon asafoetida
  • 2 teaspoon ajwain
  • 2 teaspoon each (cumin Powder, coriander Powder, red chilli powder, dry mango powder, fennel powder, pomegranate seeds powder - Anardana, chaat masala powder)
  • oil for deep frying

Method for Moong Dal Khasta Kachori 

  • Mix the flour, salt and oil and rub oil and flour between fingers to get bread crumb like texture. 
  • Add the chilled water slowly, mixing with your fingers as you pour. 
  • Add just enough water to get all the dough together and knead to make a soft and
  • smooth dough.
  • Cover the dough and let it rest for at least fifteen minutes. 
           For Filling:

  • Crush Moong Dal Namkeen in blender to a coarse powder.
  • In a pan dry roast all the masalas for filling and mix nicely with crushed namkeen, adjust salt and seasoning as per taste.

        For Making Kachori:
  • After 15 minutes of resting, knead the dough just once more to make it smooth. 
  • Divide the dough in lemon size equal parts.
  • Take one part of the dough and with your fingers flatten the edges and make into 3-inch circle leaving center little thicker then edges around.
  • Mold the dough into a cup & place 1 teaspoon of filling in the center. 
  • Pull the edges of the dough to wrap the dal filling. Repeat with the rest. Let the filled ball rest for 3 to 4 minutes before rolling.
  • Set the kachoris on a surface with the seams facing up. Using the base of your palm, slowly flatten them into about 3 inch circle.
  • Preheat oil for deep frying in a frying pan on medium heat. Fry these stuffed moong dal kachori's on medium-low heat. 
  • After they start to puff, slowly turn them over to the other side. Fry until golden-brown on both sides.
  • Serve the Moong Dal Khasta Kachori with yogurt, Green Chutney,Tamarind Chutney & chopped onion.

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