Saturday, 2 May 2015

Buddha Jayanti - M.M.Mithaiwala

May this "Buddha Jayanti" bring richness and sweetness in your lives , celebrate this festival with M.M.Mithaiwala Sweet.

 Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti is the most sacred festivals of the Buddhists. The day, which commemorates the enlightenment of Lord Budhha, is held on different days by different Buddhist sects across the world. The day is called Veshaka in most countries as it falls in the month of Vaishaka of the ancient Hindu calender.  

Buddha Jayanti is a day to remember the Tathagatha's message of the middle path, which rejects extremism of all kinds and advocates the middle path. 

In India major Buddha Jayanti take place in Bodh Gaya in Bihar. On this day, large number of Buddhist devotees from all over the world assemble to pay their respectful homage to Lord Buddha.

Besides decorating temples and neighborhoods with colorful Buddhist flags,the morning prayer,colorful procession of Monks, worship with large offerings,distribution of sweets and snacks takes place.

Donations of food, clothes and other offerings of incense and joss sticks are made to temples and prayers are held. The holy sutras are chanted in by Buddhist monks as well as lay persons in temples, monasteries and homes. Candlelight processions are held. Called Wesak in Malaysia, the day is official public holiday. It is also a public holiday in many other countries with substantial Buddhist populations like Indonesia

On this day the Buddhists bathe and wear only white clothes. People offer incense, flowers, candles and fruits to the statue of Lord Buddha specially all sweets made of Milk like Kheer, Milk based Peda , Burfi, Rasgulla, Ras-mallai , Misti Doi, Sandesh , Shrikhand etc. 

Celebrate this divine festival with MM special Milk made delicacies purely milk based with no artificial flavors added .

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