Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Health Benefits of Watermelon - M.M.Mithaiwala

Watermelon is actually considered a nutrient dense food, a food that provides a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories.

Asthma prevention:
The risks for developing asthma are lower in people who consume a high amount of certain nutrients. One of these nutrients is vitamin C, found in many fruits and vegetables including watermelon.

Made up of 92% water and full of important electrolytes, watermelon is a great snack to have on hand during the hot summer months to prevent dehydration

Boosts energy:
Daily consumption of watermelon can boost energy by up to 23%. This is due to vitamin B6 which is used by the body to synthesize feel-good dopamine and magnesium which assist in the formation of adenosine triphosphate – a nucleotide that fuels cellular function for all-day energy.
Free radicals in the body are responsible for causing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Watermelon is a rich source of antioxidants like lycopene, Vitamin A and C. These help reduce free radicals in the body, thus preventing signs of aging. Watermelon can be applied on the skin topically and consumed too for getting the best results.

 Eat Healthy Be Healthy!

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