Friday, 10 July 2015

Simple Recipe of Mathri

Mathri is a snack biscuit from north west region of India.

Mathri is served with mango, chilly or lemon pickle along with tea. It is also served at marriages and poojaas and various occasions. Marsala Mathri is a variant of Mathri with spices added to make it more crispy.
This easy Mathri recipe is a Rajasthani Flaky biscuit can be enjoyed in travelling and can be  preserved for a month easily. It is an Indian snack which  is prepared in various ways.
Generally it is prepared with flour, water and carom seeds.

 Breakfast snack.
Indian cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine

 2 cups all purpose flour 
 1 cup wheat flour (optional)
 1 tsp red chilly powder
 Green chilly as per taste
 1 tsp garlic paste
 2 tsp ghee/oil for mixing
 1 tsp Dry Mint Leaves (Pudina-optional)
 Salt to taste
 1-2 cups warm water to knead the dough


  • Take a deep mixing hollow bowl for combining the ingredients. 
  • Put chilly powder, green chilly, garlic paste (lahsun) and salt as per  the taste in it.
  • knead the dough with warm water for soften up and keep steering for few mins keep aside for 15-20 minutes, till it sets well.
  • On the other side take a pan with oil or ghee in it, let it get heat for mins.
  • Then Divide it into small balls and flatten them between your palms with help of oil so  that it doesn't stick on your palm and helps u to give a shape as per your choice.
  • Make various shapes of your choice  from dough and dip it into hot oil. 
  • Fry it on average heat on both the sides well till it catches a golden brown colour.
  • Drain on oil absorbent paper and serve hot with your morning or evening tea / coffee or pickle .
  • you can also preserve them by cooling it and placing it in an air tight container.   

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