Thursday, 30 July 2015


Guru Purnima (Friday, July 30 - 31, 2015) celebrates not just human gurus who are alive and those who are no longer in their bodies but the 'guru tatva' - the guru principle present in the universe. The guru tatva is God himself as it is all pervading - it is present everywhere. Animals, plants, experiences, minerals and even enemies have something to teach us. There is no gyaan without guru. And for one who raises his awareness, the guru tattva present everywhere takes him towards the Supreme Light that is God Himself.

MM Mithaiwala joins your Guru Purnima celebrations by offering you a special discount upto 35 percent of mouth watering boondi prepared in pure desi ghee at Rs 200 per kg and Mathura Peda at Rs 400kg. Avail the offer and add sweetness to your celebrations at home, in the temple or even as an offering to teachers who have made a difference to your lives.

Offer Valid only 30th & 31st July 2015

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