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10 Amazing Benefits Of Mangoes For Health - MM Mithaiwala

Summers are here and so are mangoes , fresh and juicy. Apart from being tasty, do you know that Mango also offers a number of health benefits?
Have a look at these 10 amazing health benefits of mangoes.

1. Fights And Prevents Cancer:

Mangoes are full of anti-oxidants which prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. It also helps prevent leukemia.

2. Improves Eye Sight:

It contains high dosage of Vitamin A or Retinol which helps protect eye sight.

3. High amount of Fibre and Vit C:

It contains high amount of fibre and Vitamin C which helps to eliminate the Low Dencity Lipoprotein thereby bringing cholesterol levels down.

4. Maintaining the Alkaline Balance of the Body:

This is an amazing fruit which helps to maintain the alkaline balance of the human body because it contains elements like malic acid, tartaric acid and also a very good amount of citric acid.

5. Increases Metabolic Rate:

Like papayas, mangoes also help in improving digestion because it is very rich in fibres. Fibres help in good bowel movement and this inturn helps increase metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate helps in cutting down excess stomach flab. So this is a good fruit for people on diet.

6. Boosts Immunity:

Mangoes contain 25 varieties of carotenoids and and they are enriched with a high amount of Vit C as well which helps maintain a healthy immune system.

7. Enriched with Anti-oxidants:

Mangoes are enriched with antioxidants and this helps in cell rejuvenation and cell repair.It helps detoxify skin from inside and also prevents occurrence of acne.

8. Increases Fertility:

Mangoes are rich in folate or folic acid which helps in improving fertility. It is a form of Vitamin B and folic acid deficiency that can cause miscarriage in women.

9. Trace Minerals:

Mangoes contain trace elements like copper, selenium, zinc and potassium which are essential for human well being. Absence of these trace minerals can cause a lot of health problems. So start including mangoes in your regular diet.

10. Vitamin E:

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E, which helps increase and improve the sex drive in humans.
Mango fruit benefits also include reducing cholesterol and preventing diabetes. Mangoes contain natural sugar, and each has nearly 31gms of sugar, but at the same time it is low on glycemic load, this means that it the blood sugar is not affected.

Have a Happy & Mango Wala weekend !! 

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