Friday, 2 May 2014

Akshaya Tritiya The Auspicious Ocassion - MM Mithaiwala

Akshaya Tritiya being one of the 3 and a half most auspicious days in the Hindu Calendarpeople share sweets & a special drink known as Mango Panna .

MM Mithaiwala - Mango Panna

It is an auspicious day of the birthday of Lord Parasurama who is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Although modern retailers are exploiting the materialistic urge in people, there is today a very high awareness regarding Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej.

Nine important events have taken place on Akshay Tritiya -

1. Appearance of Lord Parasuram
2. Appearance of Mother Ganga
3. Sudama brought poha for Krishna
4. Beginning of chandan yatra (sun is directly above our head for 21 days and hence chandan yatra lasts that long)
5. Khir-chor-Gopinath pastime
6. Krishna presented Draupadi with the akshay patra
7. Ganesha began writing Mahabharat
8. Puri rath building starts
9. Treta yuga began on this day

Hence anything done on this day (even material with eventual desire to dovetail in Krishna's service) turns out auspicious.

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