Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Spongy, Succulent Rasgullas from MM Mithaiwala

MM Mithaiwala serves the best Rasgulla in Mumbai. This sweet superstore situated bang opposite Malad railway station on its west side, is famous for making Bong’s delight - Rosogulla, which are also spelled as Rasgulla. 
Spongy, sometimes rubbery balls of chhena are dipped in sugar solution to allow this pulpy delicacy to appear in its sweeter avatar - Rosogulla. 
Rasgullas are known for their rich chena contents. 
Chena is basically made from spilt milk and the sweets made from this are having less calorific value, thus, good for people with cardiac problem.
MM Mithaiwala’s mouth watering delicacies are available for those who would like to avoid sugary sweets and go instead for sugar-free. 
So, please note. No need anymore to curb your temptation; just walk a little from Malad West suburban station and you will find MM Mithaiwala in front of you.
Log onto www.mmmithaiwala.com or Call 022 28899501 & Oder Now

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