Saturday, 15 November 2014

7 Favorite Indian Wedding Sweets

Best Wedding Sweets - MM Mithaiwala
Weddings are the perfect time for Indian families to gather & do what they love best - EAT!! 
Here are our seven tastiest treats to serve at your wedding!
  1. Ladoo Whether your guests like besan or boondi, ladoos are sure to be stuffed into relatives' mouth left & right during those auspicious days.
  2. Burfi There's a reason why burfi is traditionally fed to the bride and groom - it's creamy, sweet, and delicious! 
  3. Peda are auspicious by nature - they are the sweet served when relatives announce an engagement or a child is born. 
  4. Gulab Jamun The spongy dough balls seem to be a match made in heaven for absorbing all that rosewater syrup - which is why they are perfect for your wedding guests as well!
  5. Jalebi- Another easy sweet to order and serve in large batches, jalebi is a popular dessert that can be eaten throughout the day .
  6. Rasmalai Cream and sugar are the perfect pair - well, after the bride and groom,of course! Rasmalai is a great way to serve your guests a creamy, sweet delight that is savored to the last few slurps!
  7. Kaju Katli- A simple, yet tasty burfi option, kaju katli is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. It can easily accompany heavier desserts such as kheer or halwa, but can also stand its own on a table with mid-afternoon chaitime farsan.

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