Friday, 24 April 2015

Basundi Recipe - M.M.Mithaiwala

 Rich, creamy, thickened milk, flavored with saffron & nuts. A gem among Indian sweets.


·       500 ml full cream milk
·       Sugar as much you require
·       few strands of saffron
·       1 tbsp milk powder
·       ¼ t/s cardamom powder
·       8 - 10 pistachios chopped finely
·       15 - 16 almond flakes Or chopped finely
·       few raisins (optional)
·       a pinch of salt


1.   Boil milk on a wide bottomed saucepan. Once milk reaches it's boiling point add sugar.
2.   Stir nicely and place on low heat add milk powder. Simmer until milk reduces to half and thickens.
3.   Scrape the sides properly as this will make your basundi more creamy.
4.   Add chopped nuts, cardamom powder and salt.
5.   Check the taste add sugar if required. Finally add raisins. Switch off the gas pour over  the serving vessel.
6.   Once it gets chilled it will thicken further.


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